Favourite Golden Oldie: Ye Tera Mera Milna from Aap kaa Suroor movie

This month’s favourite golden oldie song is a Bollywood one and I have chosen Tera Mera Milna from Aap kaa Surroor movie, which released in 2007.

Aap Kaa Surroor the movie was almost the beginning of my fandom, of my favourite Bollywood composer Himesh Reshammiya. Not only was this his debut movie as an actor, but he really surprised everyone by achieving immense success at the box office. I was lucky enough to watch the very first viewing of the film’s trailer, which Himesh showcased at his Wembley Arena concert in 2006.

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Mini Musical Series: My top 5 Bollywood retro songs from the 70’s

Welcome to the second part of my mini musical series where I share my top 5 favourite Bollywood songs from the 1970’s. I have previously shared my top 5 favourite Bollywood songs from the 1960’s and if you missed reading that post, you can read it here.

Song: Kora Kaghaz Tha
Film: Aradhana
Starring: Sharmila Tagore and Rajesh Khanna
Music Director: SD Burman
Lyricist: Anand Bakshi

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Artist Aloud: Reviewing new releases from Adil and Paloma, Arun Kumar and Tochi Raina

This week’s new releases from Artist Aloud, feature the duo Adil and Paloma, classical singer Arun Kumar and sufi singer Tochi Raina. The music genres that these artists represent include modern, classical and sufi. The first of this week’s new releases is the album Alonely by Adil Rashid and Paloma Majumder. Read on to learn more about this talented musical duo and also my review of their album.

Artist Information – Adil and Paloma

Paloma and Adil are a duo who make experimental electronic mood music for easy listening. The duo started creating music together since early 2016. When they started, they didn’t have any preconceived notion about the sound except that they wanted to incorporate electronic music with live guitars and pop/jazz vocal melodies. They do not limit themselves with petty barriers of language, genre or type. Paloma and Adil aim at exploring the unison between their thoughts, experiences and energies through their music, and hence they term it as mood music. They try to find that element of music where every song invokes a different feeling so they advise their audience to not come prepared and give way to their senses. Their music combines bits and pieces of who they are so it takes its course accordingly and the music and the creative process are both fun. The duo find it very difficult to define the specificity of their music but they want it to act as food for the mind, soul and body alike, to establish a synergy between them, to create a space free from the presuppositions that life brings fort.

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Marcus Corbett: New single release and upcoming UK tour details

I am happy to bring some more news about the talented musician Marcus Corbett. Regular readers will be aware of Marcus’s ingenius work of fusing two music genres/sounds, which are also polar opposites: Indian classical music and western acoustic guitar. Marcus has recently released a new instrumental single called Barometer and he will also be on tour across the UK, later this month!

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My Latest Piano solo: Mere Rashke Qamar from Baadshaho

I recently recorded my first Bollywood song on the piano this year, which is the ever popular Mere Rashke Qamar from the 2017 film Baadshaho.

Mere Rashke Qamar is one of those instantly likeable songs, even though this version was actually a remake of the original song which has been sung and composed by Qawalli legend the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Coincidentally, it is his nephew Rahat Fateh Ali Khan who has sung the remade version of the song.

While I am not an ardent fan of Bollywood remaking old songs, this version most definitely appealed to me and so I decided to learn to play it by ear on the piano. Listen to the original song below and then my piano solo. As always, all feedback is welcome!

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New Music Monday: Amar Mallika Bone a new SANAM regional

This week’s new music monday features the latest regional release from SANAM Amar Mallika Bone.

If you are unfamiliar with the band SANAMs regional releases, here is some background info for you: from time to time, the band like to release a regional song which means they will give a rendition of a song from another language other than Hindi. Their latest is in Bengali, and in the description box of the video, they have also provided the English translation of the song to make it easy for those who do not understand Bengali.

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Favourite Golden Oldie: Can’t Get You Out of My Head – Kylie Minogue

This months favourite golden oldie song is a Western music choice of mine and to mark Kylie Minogue’s return to the music scene with her latest album Golden, I have decided to revisit one of her biggest hits Can’t Get You Out of My Head from the album Live in Sydney.

A heavy dance based track, Can’t Get You Out of My Head was a big chartbuster back in the day (2001), and with its strong hookline and Kylie’s power packed vocals, managed to capture everyones attention instantly. It is a real summer tune and one that you would most enjoy on a sunny day, on a drive with your window down.

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New Music Monday: Kanha Re ft Mohan sisters and Dancing by Kylie

This week’s New Music Monday features two recent releases and they are total polar opposites in terms of their music genres. The first release features the popular Mohan sisters and their latest collaboration Kanha Re.

Kanha Re sees all three sisters (Neeti, Shakti and Mukti) come together for a very unique performance. Kanha Re depicts their love for Lord Krishna and we get to see Neeti as Meera (and of course, she also sings the song), while Shakti and Mukti show different sides of Radha. The video is a visual treat, and we also get to see Neeti perform classical dancing alongside both of her sisters. Enjoy the beauty and magic of Kanha Re below.

Kanha Re – featuring the Mohan sisters

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SANAM: India’s Fab four perform in South Africa!

India’s Fabulous Four SANAM have recently done a mini tour in South Africa. They had one show in Durban and another in Johannesburg and both shows were a resounding success!

I do believe that, this is the second time that SANAM have toured in South Africa. I personally cannot wait for them to perform in my home town of London! The band performed their popular renditions of Bollywood classic hits, as well as their own original compositions (the latest being Sanam Mennu) Check out some of the snaps from their South Africa tour as well as some live clips of their epic performance which was shared exclusively by their management team:

Mere Meheboob Qayamat Hogi – live


(Jo Bheji Thi) Dua – live


If you ever get the opportunity to watch SANAM perform live, don’t miss it! And don’t forget to catch the band on Wednesdays on music channel MTV Beats: Dil Beats with SANAM!

Mini Musical Series: My top 5 Bollywood retro songs from the 60’s

I am starting of my mini musical series by sharing my top 5 favourite Bollywood retro songs from the 1960’s. I am also dedicating this series to my dearest grandmother who sadly passed away last month. Not only was she a huge inspiration for me and a Bollywood fan too, but she equally loved listening to Bollywood music be it old or new.

Song: Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe – Kanyaadan (1968)
Starring: Asha Parekh and Shashi Kapoor
Music Director: Shankar-Jaikishan
Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri and Neeraj

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