My latest Piano solo ‘Baaton Ko Teri’ from All is Well

My latest Piano solo ‘Baaton Ko Teri’ from All is Well

Hello all!

I am back with a quick blog post to update you on my latest Piano solo recording, which is the beautiful ‘Baaton Ko Teri’ from All is Well (Bollywood genre. Original music by Himesh Reshammiya).

I recorded this song on a Saturday, (about 2 weeks ago) after learning the song in just under a week. The multi talented Music Director and of course, my favourite (!) Himeshji, has given us such a simple, yet soulful and emotional song. This is the first time that Himeshji has recorded with Arijit and naturally, they have gelled their talents together exceptionally well.

In this Piano solo, I had learnt the song ‘by ear’ – this means that I am initially playing the song just from listening to the original and not from any pre written sheet Music (please note: throughout my blog, the word Music will be written with a capital M. This is not a grammatical error but a decision of choice to give importance to the greatest sound in the world). I do hope to be learning a sheet Music version of the song in the future.

I have tried my best to incorporate a lot of feelings into this recording, in order to match the emotions felt from the lyrics in the original. Originally, I am a Western Classical pianist (Bach, Mozart etc) so adding feelings to what I am playing is something that I am learning day-by-day from the genre of Bollywood Music.



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