My latest Piano solo ‘Baarish’ from Yaariyan

Hello all!

Time to share my latest piano solo which is the melodious ‘Baarish’ from the Bollywood movie Yaariyan. Honestly speaking, I was not a fan of the film or its soundtrack entirely, but the song ‘Baarish’ grew on me over time. I love to surf YouTube and one fine day, I stumbled across pianist Dhruv Gandhi’s YouTube channel which features a host of Bollywood songs one can learn to play on the piano. (Finding this channel has been a blessing for me!)

I was naturally taken aback by how awesome ‘Baarish’ sounds on the piano and therefore, I decided to learn Dhruv’s transcribed version

While learning to play the song, I fell in and out of love with it multiple times (!) before I decided to get my head down and stay focused and finish learning it. I also feel very proud of the fact that this is now my third full piano solo that I have learnt on my own, without any direct aid from a piano teacher thus putting my own Grade 7 ABRSM knowledge to the test!

Hope you will enjoy my Piano solo of ‘Baarish’. ¬†Original song credits go to composer Mithoon Sharma and credits to pianist Dhruv Gandhi for transcribing the song.

Jem :o)


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