About/Contact Jem

My name is Jem Raj aka the Girl at the Piano. I live in London UK, and I am known as the hugest female fan of Music Director, Singer, Composer, Actor and Producer Himesh Reshammiya. I am the proud Founder/Manager of Himesh-Reshammiya.com a fansite which has been running since 2006!

I am a Pianist and have learnt up to Grade 7 on ABRSM with Grade 6 Music Theory, and I have a GCSE in Music too. I have a strong passion for Music (Western & Bollywood) and I have also learnt to play the keyboard and the recorder. Since April 2014, I have become a writer for the popular Bollywood news website BollySpice.com and since December 2017, I am now their Social Media Manager.

I decided to create this blog to share my thoughts and ideas about the world of Music and also my piano solos of both western and Bollywood songs. I also enjoy promoting new Music talents from the world of Bollywood Music, as I believe, that there aren’t enough platforms to celebrate the growth of new Music talents.

Please feel free to leave a comment on any of my blog posts that you might find interesting, and/or contact me, if you would like to feature your work on my blog.


To contact Jem for any Music promotional activities, kindly send an email to jemgirlatthepiano@gmail.com


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