My favourite Golden Oldie: Go Your Own Way ~ Fleetwood Mac

This month, my favourite golden oldie song is the iconic Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac. I find myself constantly re-listening to the epic Rumours album, and this is definitely one of my most favourite tracks from the album.

While I have taken a liking to the Music of the song a lot more than the lyrics, there will be many who appreciate the songs lyrics more, which talk about being part of a difficult relationship. Lyndsey Buckingham’s strong vocals against the epic rock guitar, is what sets this song apart and makes Rumours one of the most finest rock albums ever!

Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac

Make it a point to listen to this classic song, as well as the entire Rumours album, if you truly consider yourself to be a Music lover. You will not be disappointed!

New Music Monday: Shama Hai Jali ~ SANAM

This weeks new Music Monday release, is a patriotic one from the band SANAM. The song Shama Hai Jali is an original release, and is in aid of India’s independence day. The song is aiming to give the message of hope for a better country.

The video has been shot in a different style, as compared to previous videos from the band, and we are also seeing them without their musical instruments this time. While watching the video, you can clearly tell just how passionate the boys are about their country, and the seriousness reflects in the composition of the song too, which I feel is one of their best original compositions so far. They have shown people from all backgrounds whilst keeping the air of patriotism strong. It is also a nice touch to see the Hindi-English subtitles that have been added to the video, as this may help the song reach a wider audience.

Check out the video below and let me know if the song touched you too!

Shama Hai Jali – SANAM

New Music Monday: Caught in the Middle by Anastacia

This week, I am sharing the Music video of the brand new single Caught in the Middle by Anastacia. Anastacia is one of my all-time favourite female artists, and this new single is taken from her forthcoming album Evolution.

Her last album was Resurrection which released in 2015. Her new song Caught in the Middle, is not your typical Anastacia song, yet it has a catchy hookline and melody, and presents the strength of her powerful vocals. The video has a mysterious/fantasy vibe to it, and it flows with the song very well. I love Anastacia’s outfits in it, and it is also really cool to see her riding a horse!

The song talks about a difficult point in a relationship. I know it will definitely become a favourite of mine, and I cannot wait to listen to the full album of Evolution. Check out the video of Caught in the Middle below and do share your thoughts about the track!

Caught in the Middle – Anastacia

New Music Monday: Life’s about to get Good – Shania Twain

This weeks new Music Monday post features one of my all-time favourite female artists Shania Twain. I do love a bit of country Music, and luckily for me, Shania is back with her brand new album aptly titled Now.

She recently released a track from the album which is called Life’s about to get Good. The song is a feel good tune with a catchy hookline, happy beats and motivational lyrics. The song primarily talks about moving on after a heartbreak/broken relationship. The video reflects the songs lyrics in a happier light, as we see a team of people aiming to give Shania a makeover in preparation for the good that is about to come her way.

The song has definitely become a new favourite of mine, and I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the album when it releases!

Check out the video below and let me know what you think about this weeks new Music Monday!

Life’s about to get Good – Shania Twain from the album Now.

New Music Monday: Lakshya ~ SANAM

I always love writing a new Music Monday blog post, and this weeks release is a very special one. It is the latest rendition from the band SANAM and they have covered the title track of the film Lakshya.

However, this is not an ordinary release as it is Music for a Cause as the boys are supporting a very important campaign #NoWorldWithoutGirls

Having over 2 million subscribers at their YouTube channel, it is no surprise that they are now being recognised by brands like eBay who have also collaborated with them in their latest release.

Check out the video of Lakshya below which features a very important message.

Lakshya – SANAM

My favourite Golden Oldie: Aashiq Banaya Aapne

It’s that day of the month, where I share one of my favourite golden oldie songs and this months choice is a Bollywood song. My choice of Bollywood song coincides nicely with the fact that the singer/composer of the song will be celebrating their birthday this month! The song in question is the very popular Aashiq Banaya Apne title track remix.

Aashiq Banaya Aapne – remix

Sharing a few fun facts from my perspective, about when I first saw the video of this magical song. I had just started watching the popular series SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2005 where Himeshji was the mentor of Rock Gharana. He was fast becoming my favourite mentor due to the way he presented himself, and how he would give even a negative comment, in a kind and positive way. I naturally did a double take when I saw him in the remix video of Aashiq Banaya Aapne and after that, as they say, the rest is history! Historic to be precise 😉

The song is almost 10 years old but is an iconic and landmark song of Himeshji’s career. It also added a spark to Music videos helping the promotion of a Bollywood film. Let me know if Aashiq Banaya Aapne also features in your favourites list!

Check out my concert review of AR Rahman live exclusively for BollySpice!

On Saturday 8th July, I had the pleasure of attending the special, AR Rahman concert at the SSE Arena, Wembley courtesy

You may be aware that I regularly write for BollySpice and you can find the link to all of my articles here. It truly felt amazing to be representing them, as a promoter, at the concert! While I may not be a “die hard” type fan of AR Rahman, I knew that this was not an opportunity to be missed, as I have grown up listening to and love, many of his classic hit songs and it was a treat to witness him perform a selection of these songs, live on stage with a great line up of talented singers.

The concert was celebrating 25 years of his Music, and to join in the celebrations, he had three of my favourite singers with him: Neeti Mohan, Jonita Gandhi and Javed Ali. It was the first time I saw these three perform live, and they certainly did not disappoint! My review goes more in depth with regards to the songs performed at the concert. Happy reading!

Click to read My review of AR Rahman live in concert

My Latest Piano solo: Sun Saathiya ~ ABCD2 and a life update

It has been a while since I have recorded a piano solo, as they say life got in the way! But this week, I was able to sit down and record my 4 pages long piano solo of Sun Saathiya from the Bollywood film ABCD2.

Original song credits: Sachin-Jigar

My piano solo:

I had been learning the song roughly since the start of this year, and I decided to take my time with it, focusing mainly on improving the fluidity of my playing, as that is one area which I feel that I need to work on the most, especially when it comes to a song which uses both hands. I really enjoyed learning the song, which has been well transcribed by fellow pianist Dhruv Gandhi. I have played a few of his transcribed pieces before and you can listen to them here. Let me know what you think of my latest piano solo!

Life Update
I am also very excited to announce that this Saturday, I will be attending the ARRahman concert celebrating 25 years of Music, at the SSE Arena (Wembley), exclusively for! I shall be writing a full review of the concert for BollySpice too.

New Music Monday: Neele Neele Ambar Par ~ SANAM

This week my new Music Monday choice, is the SANAM version of the Bollywood classic Neele Neele Ambar Par. The song is originally from the Bollywood film Kalakaar, and has a wonderful combination of melody, lyrics and guitar rifts.

The band SANAM, have done a tremendous job with the song, giving it a modern uplift, whilst keeping its melody stronger than ever. I did have high hopes for them focusing a bit more on the guitar portions of the song, but overall they have done a fine job, with Sanam Puri sounding like this song was specifically created for him to sing.

Check out their video below, which was filmed during their recent tour in Suriname.

Neele Neele Ambar Par ~ SANAM

Arya Entertainment: Stills from upcoming Music video!

I recently talked about the news that India’s RAWStar finalist Mohit Gaur, will be featuring in Arya Entertainment’s next single. It has been revealed that the shooting of the video is well under way, and it will also be featuring upcoming singer Soniyya. Check out some of the stills from the recent video shoot below, also featuring the songs composer Viraal. Listen to Arya Entertainment’s previous songs here.