My favourite Golden Oldie song: Stars by Simply Red

We have reached that time of the month, where I celebrate a favourite song of mine, here at Girl at the Piano. Last month’s choice was a Bollywood song which means this month will be a Western classic, and I have chosen Stars by Simply Red.

My close friend and family circle all know just how big a fan I am of the group Simply Red. I grew up listening to their music, and appreciating all of the many genres (soul/jazz/pop/rock) that they added to create their unique sound. The band’s leader and lead singer Mick Hucknall, is my first music idol and continues to be til this very day (yes, I do wish they were still making music!)

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Artist Aloud: 3 new releases from artists Chintoo Singh Wasir, Shipra Malhotra and Sam Christy

This week’s new singles from Artist Aloud feature the artists Chintoo Singh Wasir, Shipra Malhotra and Sam Christy. As always, I have listened to each single and will be reviewing them below, along with giving you all some background information on each of this week’s artists.

Artist Information about Chintoo Singh Wasir

Chintoo Singh Wasir is an eminent Sufi singer in the Indian music industry. With having over a plethora of live shows all over the world to his credit, Chintoo Singh has also accompanied legends from Jagjit Singh to Mehendi Hassan and has also recorded the rabab and guitar music for Shania Twain and Phil Collins. Although, he is a master at various instruments, he is prominent for using instruments like Rabab and the thumba.

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New Music Monday: Introducing music composer Somnath Roy

One of my main reasons for creating Girl at the Piano was to be able to share the work of upcoming musicians who often miss out on the mainstream attention they deserve, and so after recently introducing the talented musician Marcus Corbett, it gives me great pleasure to introduce another music composer Somnath Roy (also known as Tattu).

Somnath Roy

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New Music Monday: SANAM Mennu – now enjoy the video!

The 2nd of February saw the release of the next SANAMOriginal SANAM Mennu. This is the first time the fab four have released an audio, before releasing the video of the song. You can stream and download the audio of SANAM Mennu on all popular streaming services.

The band have just released the video of the song which also comes with subtitles for those who are not familiar with the Punjabi language. The video has been shot in Goa and the song explains a common phase that most romantic relationships experience.

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Arya Entertainment: Vote for Piya Reprise in the Artist Aloud awards!

The second release from Arya Entertainment was the romantic Piya Reprise. The song has been written and composed by Viraal and featured both a ballerina and mime artist, as well as popular anchor Gunjan Utreja in the video, which was the first of its kind, in the Hindi music scene.

Now you can vote for Piya Reprise on the Independent music platform Artist Aloud, as they hold their annual AAMA award ceremony.

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My latest piano solo: Kiss From a Rose by Seal

I have recently uploaded my latest piano solo which is Kiss From a Rose by Seal. I decided to only learn the right hand melody as I felt it to be the strongest part of the song, and it also carries the prominent soul of the song.

The song is one of my top favourites from Seal and it also featured on the Batman Forever soundtrack when it released. The original score still sounds fresh today, with Seal’s effortless romantic vocals, guiding you through the song.

If you aren’t familiar with the song, then have a listen to the original below, before listening to my piano solo.

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SANAM: Listen to their new single SANAM Mennu

It’s the 2nd of February 2018, and that can only mean one thing: the release of the new SANAM Original!

In their last live chat India’s fab four gave us the clue that their band name would be featured in the title of the song and that it is going to be the biggest dance track of the year and SANAM Mennu is certainly that!

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New Music Monday: The unique fusion of Indian classical and Western music, from musician Marcus Corbett

This week’s New Music Monday post is a rather special one. I have been recently introduced to a wonderful new genre of music which is a fusion of two existing music genres, and which to some might seem an almost impossible combination to achieve, but has been made possible thanks to the highly talented musician Marcus Corbett.

Marcus is a renowned musician from the UK, who has successfully managed to fuse Indian classical music with Western acoustic guitar in order to give the listener an entirely fresh sound. Marcus has not only submerged himself into the world of Indian classical music, but has also learnt to play the tabla and sing in Indian classical style so as to better incorporate the sound in his own music. While he is an expert acoustic guitarist, he has collaborated with several Indian classical musicians who have lent their talents on his album Every Little Spirit. Check out this short promo clip, to gain a better understanding into Marcus’s sound as well as a recent interview:

Marcus Corbett promo:

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SANAM: New teaser of their next SANAMOriginal

Hot on the heels of the SANAMRevolution album release, India’s Fabulous Four SANAM have released the teaser of their next original song, which is set to arrive on 2nd February 2018.

The title of the song is yet to be announced, but in the teaser video it has been described as the biggest dance track of 2018 and judging by the beats in the short clip, I can definitely say that it sounds just about right!

The SANAMOriginal will release on the popular digital platforms such as Spotify, Gaana, Saavn and Apple Music. I will of course post about the song here at Girl at the Piano when it officially releases on the 2nd of Feb, so until then enjoy the short teaser and stay tuned for more!

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Arya Entertainment: Watch Albeliya at TSeries YouTube channel!

It gives me great pleasure to write this post and to let all my readers know, that you can now watch Arya Entertainment‘s first single release Albeliya at the T Series Pop Chartbusters YouTube channel!

I had mentioned back in April last year, that Arya Entertainment have collaborated with T Series and now it feels great to see that you can watch their amazing music videos, on one of India’s most popular YouTube channels.

Refresh your memories and enjoy Albeliya at T Series Pop Chartbusters YouTube channel below:

Composer and Lyricist: Viraal
Singer: Krishna Beuraa
Producer: Arya Entertainment