Arya Entertainment: Keh Do Naa now released via Zee Music Company

As recently mentioned, the latest single to release from Arya Entertainment is called Keh Do Naa, and the single has released on Zee Music Company! The song has been written and composed by Viraal, sung by singers Mohit Gaur and Sonia Patel, and is produced by Arya Entertainment.

The title clearly hints at the romantic angle, and it will be lovely to hear India’s RAWStar finalist Mohit sing in this genre, alongside newcomer Sonia. Enjoy the song and video below and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

Keh Do Naa


Arya Entertainment: Next single to release via Zee Music Company

Back in June, I bought the exclusive news that Arya Entertainment’s next single will feature one of the India RAW star finalists Mohit Gaur. It has now been revealed that the title of the song is Keh Do Naa and it shall be releasing on the Zee Music Company label, alongside Arya Entertainment!

Keh Do Naa has been sung by Mohit Gaur and Sonia Patel, is composed by Viraal and produced by Arya Entertainment. In the current world of Bollywood Music, releasing singles are all the rage, and it is great to see that Zee Music Company, are supporting Arya Entertainment this time round.

Check out the song poster below, and stay tuned for further details as the song arrives imminently in September.

Arya Entertainment: Stills from upcoming Music video!

I recently talked about the news that India’s RAWStar finalist Mohit Gaur, will be featuring in Arya Entertainment’s next single. It has been revealed that the shooting of the video is well under way, and it will also be featuring upcoming singer Soniyya. Check out some of the stills from the recent video shoot below, also featuring the songs composer Viraal. Listen to Arya Entertainment’s previous songs here.

Arya Entertainment: Details of next single emerge!

I recently bought the news to you all that Arya Entertainment will be working with India’s RAWStar finalist Mohit Gaur in their upcoming single. Since then, they have released the news that singer Shibani Kashyap will also be working with them very soon! It is not clear if she will be featuring on the same single as Mohit’s, but I am sure details of this will be revealed soon.

Shibani is most famous for her song Sajana Aa Bhi Jaa from the Bollywood film Waisa Bhi Hota Hai. Shibani’s song with Arya Entertainment has also been composed by Viraal (composer of Albeliya, Pehlo Prem and Piya Reprise). Check out a candid pic from the recent recording session below.

Arya Entertainment: Piya the Story to release soon

If you enjoyed Arya Entertainment’s last video release Piya Reprise, you might remember at the end of the video, it said “to be continued…”. Well, they have recently announced that there will be a second video of the song, which will release soon! A teaser of the second video released last week, and interestingly, it features fresh new faces. Watch the teaser of Piya The Story below, and then refresh your memory with the beautiful yet melancholy video of Piya Reprise, also shared below. I shall bring you more details about Piya The Story soon!

Credits: Written & Composed by Viraal, Sung by Jubin Nautiyal. Produced by Arya Entertainment.

Piya The Story

Piya Reprise

Arya Entertainment: Next single features India’s RAWStar

After the success of their first three singles (Albeliya, Pehlo Prem and Piya), and the recent major announcement which sees them release their future material on the worldwide T-Series platform, Arya Entertainment have recently released the news of their fourth single which will be sung by India’s RAWStar finalist Mohit Gaur!

The yet to be named song has been written and composed by talented composer Viraal, is sung by singer Mohit Gaur and Soniyya. Check out the happy faces after the recording of the song, in the picture below. More details about the song to follow.

Arya Entertainment: Announcements!

It gives me great pleasure in writing this post, as Arya Entertainment continue to progress so well!

Their third single release Piya Reprise (composed and written by Viraal, sung by Jubin Nautiyal) has recently crossed the 2 million mark at YouTube, and has also been trending at the number one spot on YouTube India!

As well as this amazing feat, Arya Entertainment have become part of the Take007 Music for a Cause project, which is headed by Bollywood Music directors Salim-Sulaiman. More details about this project here.

If the above is not enough, the latest announcement is that Arya Entertainment is now associated with the biggest Music label in India T-Series and their talented composer Viraal’s songs will now be released on a worldwide scale!

Girl at the Piano gives many congratulations to Arya Entertainment for reaching new heights in such a short space of time. As we begin to see a steady decline in the world of Bollywood Music, the independent Music scene, is surely going through a revival and what a revival it is gonna be! Stay tuned with Girl at the Piano for all future updates!

Song and Video Review: Piya Reprise from Arya Entertainment

This week, there has been one song which has been playing on loop on my playlist. It is the beautiful Piya Reprise from Arya Entertainment.

Piya Reprise is the third single from Arya Entertainment. It is the third composition from Music composer Viraal, and it is the second song that the popular Jubin Nautiyal has sung for Arya Entertainment.

As a former speech and drama student during my younger years, the video of Piya has made me very happy, as it features a ballerina Pia Sutaria, and a mime artist Dev Fauzdar. This is a very rare combination and something that we do not get to see very often in Hindi Music videos. The video also features composer Viraal, television actor Gunjan Utreja and actress Geetika Lohani. The combination of all of these unique talents, is what makes the song extra special and I salute Arya’s vision and support for this song. Jubin’s powerful yet emotive vocals bind the song together, and Viraal has very cleverly added crescendos and dimenuendos in the right places, which give a wonderful effect to the song. Piya Reprise is contemporary Music at its best.

Enjoy the mesmerizing video of Piya Reprise below and don’t forget to share your thoughts!

Piya Reprise from Arya Entertainment

New Music Monday: Piya Reprise from Arya Entertainment

I feel blessed to be sharing new Music at my blog since the last couple of Monday’s! Since we are living in an era where good Music is becoming increasingly hard to find, I am thrilled to be sharing such rare gems here at Girl at the Piano.

This Monday, I am sharing the third single release from Arya Entertainment. The song is Piya Reprise and its music video just released yesterday. The song has already grown its popularity at YouTube and is trending at number 3! This is quite a big feat for a song to achieve, in such a short space of time!Piya has been composed and written by the talented Viraal, is sung by popular singer Jubin Nautiyal and features a Hindi television actor and anchor Gunjan Utreja (check out my interview with Gunjan Utreja for BollySpice here) Enjoy the song below.

Piya Reprise ~ Arya Entertainment

Arya Entertainment: Present the teaser of their next single Piya

The third much awaited single from Arya Entertainment, is getting closer to its release. The song is called Piya and a teaser from its Music video, has been released today.

The song has been composed and written by Viraal, and has been sung by Jubin Nautiyal. Coincidentally, this song will be Jubin’s second release with Arya Entertainment. The Music video features popular television actor and anchor Gunjan Utreja, and upcoming actress Geetika Lohani. The video also features ballerina Pia Sutaria and mime artist Dev Fauzdar.

Check out the teaser of the video below. The full song releases on 19th March.

Piya – teaser