Musical Thoughts: Talking about The Voice India Kids music reality show

The Voice India Kids poster

I am currently enjoying the musical reality show The Voice India Kids. This show airs on AndTV, and is the second season of the children’s series. The Voice launched in India in 2015, and though it is an international concept, the show has been well received by music lovers and Indian television audiences.

This season features my favourite Himesh Reshammiya, and singers Papon, Shaan and Palak Muchhal as the coaches. The show is currently in the blind auditions stage, and if you are familiar with the concept of the show, you will know that this first round, means that the singers have to impress the coaches with their singing only, as only then, will the coaches chair turn when they have hit the buzzer.

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Musical Thoughts: Listening to Music via apps in the digital era

In the current digital era, it is much more common to find that people are listening to music via apps (streaming) on their smartphone, as opposed to either a CD or even mp3 player. With so many good music apps now available to choose from, it can also become a bit overwhelming when deciding to pick the right app which suits your choice of music. In this post, I will be sharing some of the top music apps for both Bollywood, Indie and Western music. This post is also a collaboration with Artist Aloud, and I shall be sharing some tips on some of the best ways to listen to new Indie Music via their app.

Some of the most popular Bollywood music apps are:

*‎Eros Now (restricted to only Eros Now releases)

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New Music Monday: Emeli Sande, The Corrs and Shania Twain

I know my blog has been a bit quiet on the new Music Monday front, and that is thanks to all of the new and good Music, releasing all at once! It seems as though we are officially now in Autumn, we have a slew of new releases in the Western Music scene; that too, from 3 of my favourite artists!

The latest releases which have grabbed my attention are:

Starlight – Emeli Sande (from her upcoming album Starlight)

Son of Solomon – The Corrs (from their upcoming album Jupiter calling)

Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed – Shania Twain (the second single from her just released album Now)

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My favourite filmi Garba style songs to enjoy, during the festival of Navratri!

We have entered an auspicious time of the year with the festival of Navratri that lasts for 9 days, and is widely celebrated across India. If you would like to know more about this festival, I highly recommend using Google to learn more about it. During this religious festival, many Indians dance in a traditional form of ‘Garba’, and so this form of dance requires a special kind of song and Music.

As Navratri is a popular yearly event, it has featured in many Bollywood films, thus creating a filmi sound of the festival. I have selected a few of my favourite Bollywood style Garba songs below. Do let me know if any of these are your favourites too!

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New Music Monday: Lakshya ~ SANAM

I always love writing a new Music Monday blog post, and this weeks release is a very special one. It is the latest rendition from the band SANAM and they have covered the title track of the film Lakshya.

However, this is not an ordinary release as it is Music for a Cause as the boys are supporting a very important campaign #NoWorldWithoutGirls

Having over 2 million subscribers at their YouTube channel, it is no surprise that they are now being recognised by brands like eBay who have also collaborated with them in their latest release.

Check out the video of Lakshya below which features a very important message.

Lakshya – SANAM

My favourite Golden Oldie song: Dil Kahe Raha Hai from Tera Chehra

We have reached that all important time of the month where I share one of my favourite golden oldie songs from either Western or Bollywood Music. This month, it is my chance to share one of my favourite songs from Bollywood Music, and this time, I have chosen a non-filmi song from an album which changed the entire game of Indian Independent Music! The song is the romantic Dil Kahe Raha Hai from Tera Chehra by Music legend Adnan Sami.

Dil Kahe Raha Hai – Tera Chehra (Adnan Sami)

I am fortunate enough to have seen Adnan live in concert in 2005. He had come to the UK to perform at the Wembley Pavillions, and the then upcoming singer Shreya Ghoshal was his only support act (though they did not perform together at all). Myself and my family have loved each and every song from the ever popular album Tera Chehra, and to see the maestro perform the songs live was a real treat! Dil Kahe Raha Hai Dil Se…Vaada Karo Dil Se…Chahe Tum Chaha Bhi Jaana Jaana Meri Yaad Rakhna… (The Heart is Saying, Make a Promise From Your Heart, That Wherever You Go, You Will Remember Me), is one of my favourite tracks from the album due to its romantic heartfelt lyrics, piano and overall Music arrangement.

Are you a fan of the Tera Chehra album? Share your favourite song in the comments! Check out my favourite golden oldie from last month here.

Annoying trends in Bollywood Music

As my regular readers may be aware, I cover a lot of Bollywood Music news here at Girl at the Piano. I also dislike negative writing (writing without any positivity), but this next topic is one that I surely need to address and get off my chest, so to speak! Over the last 5 years or so, there have been some very irritating trends/fads which in my opinion, have stuck around for far too long in the world of Bollywood Music. They are the following:

*Remaking old Bollywood songs on new Bollywood soundtracks
*Remaking old UK Asian artist songs on new Bollywood soundtracks
*Bollywood actors turning “singers”
*Multiple Music Directors on one soundtrack (affecting Music shelf life)

I recently conducted a poll on Twitter to find out how many of you agreed with me about this issue, and the results were surprising to see!

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The Band Phenomenon: West vs East

Let’s talk about ‘bands’. In the Music world, the concept of bands has been around for a very long time, and exist in almost every genre of Music that you can think about. However, when it comes to the world of Bollywood Music, the concept of bands is still pretty much non exsistent to the mainstream Bollywood Music eye.

When it comes to Western Music, especially in the popular (pop) Music culture, creating a band of say 4-5 guys or girls has proven to become a popular trend over the years, and there have also been many a successful solo artists who have emerged through this, who previously were part of a band. Popular boy bands include Backstreet Boys, Take That, Boyzone, NSync and Westlife to name but a few. I still find it very strange that we are yet to see this kind of concept take shape in Bollywood Music. There are only 3 Pop bands which come to my mind and 2 of them are no longer together (Asma and Band of Boys) however I do believe the band Euphoria are making a come back of sorts. The only band that I know which is still going strong is SANAM.

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Musical Thoughts: Why does new Music have such a short shelf life?

One of my recent posts on social media inspired me to write about this next topic. I am going to be talking about the very short shelf life that comes with new Music in today’s times. As we continue to live in a digital era, Music industries are focusing more on the popularity of songs via the number of views they receive at social media platforms such as YouTube etc. rather than traditional sales.

With regards to the Bollywood Music industry, as they continue to make and release films so frequently, we also get to hear a wide variety of soundtracks throughout each month of the year. The main problem with this, however, is that the turnover of Music becomes so frequent, that a good track can be very easily forgotten.

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A few of my favourite heartbreak Bollywood songs

During my recent sessions of listening to my favourite Music, I listened to three Bollywood songs in a row which all featured the same theme – a heartbreak or unrequited love. What struck me the most about these three songs, is just how strong in melody they are. There are many songs where the lyrics tend to be stronger than the Music and to be honest, that is what one would expect in this genre of song. Yet in each of these three songs, it is the other way round.

The wonderful songs that I am talking about are:

Menu Kehn De from Aap Se Mausiiquii

Dard E Tanhai Main from Jashnn

Haaye Dil single by Jubin Nautiyal

I highly recommend listening to these three songs and noticing their Musical qualities. What are your favourite heartbreak songs? Do share them in the comments below!